U-Prox SL mini

New generation reader with 2.4 GHz and NFC radio technology
U-Prox SL mini

SmartLine versatile readers in conjunction with the U-Prox Mobile ID application and U-Prox IDs will allow any access control system to use smartphones as access system credentials

Reader operates with 125 kHz cards, Mifare, Mifare Plus (SL1, SL3) and mobile credentials U-Prox ID over NFC and over 2.4 GHz radio.

The reader works with Mifare Plus cards in SL3 security mode.


  • Identifiers
    Reader operates with 125 KHz cards of the different manufacturers, Mifare and Mifare Plus in security modes SL1 and SL3, and mobile credentials U-Prox ID over NFC and over 2.4 GHz radio (adjustable range up to 15m)
  • Easy installation
    Reader can be connected to existing and new access systems
  • Easy adjusting
    With the free mobile application U-Prox Config, the reader can be completely adjusted — from the indication to the encryption modes.
  • Identification with a smartphone
    Free mobile application U-Prox Mobile IDreceives, stores and transmits mobile credentials U-Prox ID between the reader and the smartphone.
    Digital personal mobile credential. It is processed and stored in the user's smartphone using the U-Prox Mobile ID application. It can be transferred over NFC and/or 2.4 GHz radio between the reader and the smartphone.
  • Convenience
    SmartLine readers solve many tasks - replacing cards with an mobile identification, using hight secure identification and identification at a distance (up to 15 m), using IDs different standards, easy adjusting reader's parameters from a smartphone.
  • Дизайн
    Reader has IP65 class and operating temperatures from -40 to +60 oC. Easy installation, attractive and stylish look.
  • Interfaces
    Wiegand 26, 32, 34, 37, 40, 42, 56, 58, 64 bits, Wiegand auto, TouchMemory and RS-232
  • Integration
    RS-232 protocol for integration into arbitrary systems

How it works

Reader operate

mobile identifiers U-Prox ID over NFC

mobile identifiers U-Prox ID over 2.4 GHz radio (0.1 - 15m)

Mifare Classic and Mifare Plus cards in SL1 mode

Mifare Plus cards in SL3 mode

125 KHz ASK and FSK cards (EmMarine and other manufacturers)

The reader understands bank cards

PayPass and PayWave technologies

Smartphone as an identifier

2.4GHz and NFC radio technologies provide a high level of security

The U-Prox ID is associated with the mobile device

The U-Prox ID is stored in a container encrypted with a 256-bit key

The container with the identifier is transmitted over the 2.4 GHz or NFC radio interface using a crypto- and imitation-resistant protocol

2.4 GHz radio technology provides the ability to read near and far (up to 15 m)


Types of identifiers

U-Prox ID over 2.4 GHz radio
from a smartphone

Mifare®, 13.56 MHz
ISO14443A: Mifare®Standard, Mifare®Hi-Memory,
Mifare®Ultralight, Mifare®Classic 1K/4K,
Mifare®Classic 7UID, Mifare® Plus SL1 и SL3

U-Prox ID over NFC, 13.56 MHz
ISO 14443/15693

125 kHz identifiers

2.4 GHz radio modes

Operation distance is 10-20 cm, the reader is activated by a proximity sensor (metal detector). Recommended for double-sided doors and turnstiles.

Operation distance up to 60 cm.
The reader is always active.

Operation distance 1 m ... 15 m.
The reader is always active.


Wiegand 26, 32, 34, 37, 40, 42, 56, 58, 64 bits,
Wiegand auto and TouchMemory

Read range

NFC, Mifare IDs and 125 kHz - up to 4 cm,
2.4 GHz radio - adjustable from 10 cm to 15 m

Power supply

+9… +16 V


IP65, -40°С . . . +60°С

Dimensions and Weight

80 мм x 45 мм x 12,5 мм & 70 г

Case material

ABS plastic


Black, Light grey


U-Prox SL mini manual Download
Digital personal identifier U-Prox ID Download

Mobile apps

U-Prox Mobile ID

An application that turns a smartphone into a mobile pass (mobile key)

U-Prox Config

With U-Prox Config app, it's easy to adjust control panel settings, update firmware, save or upload a configuration template